It was lovely to see the diversities that different

However, cycle tracks — which are often proposed as the first solution to cyclists’ woes — fail when their design and implementation do not take into account the already existing urban fabric. It was lovely to see the diversities that different groups have,” he adds.“While we were organising the race, we contacted all the major cycling groups in Mumbai to understand their requirements so that we could give them the best experience. Rohit Kuttapa, CEO of ‘ChooseMyBicycle’, has a vision of bridging this gap with his idea of the race.Another good news that came for the cyclists was the announcement from chief minister Devendra Fadnavis earlier this week, as he sanctioned `300 crore as his in-principle approval to the proposal of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to construct a cycle track in the city.

The top 3 finishers in the Men and Women divisions in the 104km endurance race, will qualify for an accredited championship race (Grand finale) which will be held in Delhi later this year with the winners from the other cities. While organising the race, the organisers insisted support from the local traffic police authorities and they were well supported by them. The first are people who cannot afford a motor vehicle and the second are those who undertake cycling for leisure.The challenges faced by people who walk or cycle in Mumbai are indisputable and well-documented. We want to give them a top-class experience to come out and contribute to the growth of the sport. The race will start from Hotel Bawa International, Domestic Airport at 6 am today. Even they want less pollution and we also want to encourage people to use less motor transport and switch to environment-friendly methods of commuting, which is one of our initiatives of the race,” said Kuttapa. It has connected two different classes of society.

This could very well spark the growth of cyclists in Mumbai. “When we asked the traffic control and local police, they were very supportive.

In Mumbai, cycling has always been a never-ending activity. The 104km race will be the recycled faux fur fabric Suppliers competitive leg of the sportive, while the 54km segment will be a leisure ride. “We have organised a couple of national-level races with the Cycling Federation of India and now we are moving towards the growth of amateur cyclists. The government itself urges the people of Mumbai to pursue non-motor transportation with the problem of pollution escalating over the years in the city.A statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) said the cycle track would be built by clearing all encroachments along water pipelines in Mumbai, which will open a 100-metre wide corridor on both sides.Sit back and get ready to cheer the cyclist commuters who will be coming out in numbers for the The Indian Terrain ‘Seven Island Sportive’ event, which will consist of a 104km endurance race, and a 54-km ride. Mumbai has a huge community of cyclists who spend their weekends covering long routes on bicycles,” said Kuttapa

Mehbooba Mufti should know that her

We have migrants from different faiths including Muslims and Sikhs living in Jammu and 50 percent of these transit accommodations will be reserved for people of other faiths,” she reiterated. The society under which the colony is being proposed was inaugurated by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in 1975. The Chief Minister said the proposal for developing a Sainik Colony in the state was mooted in 2011.”She has portrayed Kashmiris as hunters and killers from whom apparently Kashmiri Pandits need to be protected. She said although the Sainik Colony was proposed to be established only for the state subject ex-servicemen, however, because of the non-availability of land there has been no movement forward on the issue. “We can’t force them to go back to their native places and put their lives to risk,” she said and added that they shall have to be provided Fuchsia Mink faux fur fabric transit accommodation till their permanent settlement at their native places. “The Sainik colony is meant for the ex-servicemen state subjects. “The proposal of building transit accommodations for Pandits has been approved by (Prime Minister’s) working groups (on J&K).

Ms. She should apologize to the people for her remarks and also bear in mind that she is no longer an election campaigner who can afford to distort the truth and lie at will”. The NC spokesman said Ms Mufti is the chief Minister of the State and “we expect a basic amount of wisdom and restraint from her”. “This is extremely regrettable and tragic on her part”, he said. Mufti said the state government is taking tangible measures to address the issues of PoK refugees and some progress has already been made in this regard. “These are not going to be any Israel-type settlements,” the chief minister asserted, adding, “These will be composite housing colonies where half will be Kashmiri Pandits and other half will be Muslims and people of other faiths.

The National Conference-Congress government held many meetings with the Governor between 2011 and 2014 for the establishment on Sainik Colony. The Chief Minister said the Kashmiri Pandits, who want to return to the Valley shall have to be provided transit accommodation till they are able to resettle at the native place.Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday stoked a new controversy when she said she will not throw the displaced Kashmiri Pandits and other migrants like “pigeons before a cat”.”Opposition National Conference took a strong exception to Ms Mufti’s “pigeons before the cat” remark and said the CM owed an apology for demonising and defaming Kashmiris through her contemptuous and highly inappropriate analogy. She, however, asserted that the social fabric of Kashmir is incomplete without its Pandit population.

He added that the CM should know that both Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits have been the victims of violence and she cannot portray an entire community as culprits and demons. “We’ve a comprehensive policy for return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandit community and many of our brethren have taken benefit from it,” she said, adding that an enabling environment will facilitate a gradual return of the community to the Valley. “I will bring them back with your help,” she said. “She has defamed and demonised Kashmiris by inferring that Kashmiris are some sort of killers and hunters and Kashmiri Pandits are unsafe in their company and hence need to be isolated from them.Defending the government’s decision to set up “transit colonies” for the returnees, she said they will stay in these settlements for some time and then decide where to live in the Valley permanently. Earlier speaking in the Assembly, the Chief Minister sought to clarify that the transit accommodations the government has planned to set up in the Valley will not be exclusively meant for Kashmiri Pandits. “But we have categorically told them that there is no land available at present,” she said. Now the Governor has again called for land identification.

He added, “Mehbooba Mufti should know that her ‘hunted versus hunter’ analogy has exposed her mindset and also her prejudiced outlook on this very sensitive issue. We are committed to give them their rights and restore their dignity and honour,” she said. She also said that the PDP-BJP government is committed to the return of the Kashmiri Pandits. She also said that her government will focus on the rehabilitation of militants who crossed the Line of Control for arms training and are now willing to resume their normal lives.. “Once they return to the state, they are being treated as illegal citizens. Ms Mufti was speaking on the Floor of the state Assembly. It’s tragic that a chief minister could stoop to this level in her maiden address in the Assembly”, NC spokesperson Junaid Mattu said

The Parliament building was inaugurated in December

We are building lives, for which the Afghan people thank us, no matter what others do or don’t. In February last year, he had mocked PM Modi on the issue of lowering of duties on Harley Davidson motorcycles.. Both amused Afghans and former Indian diplomats who have served in Kabul believe President Trump was referring to the Parliament building as a “library” in what appears a shocking gaffe.”New Delhi was fuming at the barb but did not hit back directly at Mr Trump, keeping in mind the sensitivities and overall strength of India-US ties. That’s not a favour. Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel also termed as “completely unacceptable” the US President’s jibe at Mr Modi and asked the government to remind America of India’s assistance to Afghanistan.

This is built on the specific needs and requirements worked out with the Government of Afghanistan. And he tells us and he’s very smart, and we’re supposed to say — Oh! Thank you for the library. Hope our government responds firmly and reminds America high speed injection molding machine that since 2004, India has built extensive roads, dams in Afghanistan and pledged over 3 billion in assistance. I don’t know who’s using it in Afghanistan. But government sources in New Delhi sought to reject President Trump’s criticism, saying India was carrying out development work in Afghanistan to change people’s lives there as per the requirements spelt out by the Afghan government, adding clearly that India does not deploy troops abroad except under UN-mandated operations.The comments by the US President were made in the backdrop of President Trump’s constant assertion and claim of victimhood that the US was getting nothing for spending billions of dollars in troop deployments in Afghanistan while claiming that other countries are hardly doing anything there to support America. To make matters worse, the US President even wondered who would use a library in Afghanistan.”Reacting to the latest comment on India’s role in Afghanistan by Mr Trump, government sources in New Delhi said: “India firmly believes in the critical role that development assistance can play in transforming human lives. I said okay, but so far we’re getting nothing.”The sources added: “In Afghanistan, India plays a significant role as a development partner. Mr Trump said: “I get along very well with India and PM Modi.

I don’t like being taken advantage of.. It is aimed at the welfare of the people of Afghanistan and for a tangible improvement in the lives of its people. India does not send its armed forces abroad except under the specific mandate of UN Peacekeeping Operations. The sources also said India gives development assistance worth billions of dollars to Afghanistan, and is the largest donor in the region, besides building infrastructure in Afghanistan, including roads and dams, as well as laying electricity transmission lines and supplying wheat and drinking water to the strife-torn nation. India seeks to build capacities and capabilities of Afghan nationals and its institutions for governance and delivery of public services, develop socio-economic infrastructure, secure lives and promote livelihood. But he’s constantly telling me he built a library in Afghanistan.”Congress leader Ahmed Patel tweeted: “Tenor and tone of the US President describing the Prime Minister of India is not in good taste and is completely unacceptable. The US President made the disrespectful comments while saying that his country does not like “being taken advantage of”.”. He gets 50 (per cent), and they think we’re doing — like they’re doing us a favour. President Trump had then been quoted as saying: “When they (Harley-Davidson) send a motorcycle to India, as an example, they have to pay 100 per cent tax — 100 per cent.The reaction from both the BJP and the Congress was sharp. Now, the Prime Minister (Modi), who I think is a fantastic man, called me the other day and said we are lowering it to 50 per cent.

The Parliament building was inaugurated in December 2015 in Kabul in the presence of Prime Minister Modi. BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said India has been doing immense development work in Afghanistan, for which the people of the war-ravaged country “thank us, no matter what others do or don’t”. So we get nothing.This is the second time in less than a year when the US President has kicked up a controversy relating to a conversation between him and Mr Modi.”BJP leader Ram Madhav tweeted: “Maybe Trump should know that while he is decrying every other help in Afghanistan, India has been building not only libraries, but roads, dams, schools and even the Parliament building.New Delhi: In what seems a comedy of errors, US President Donald Trump is believed to have mistaken the Parliament building that India built for Afghanistan over three years ago with a “library”, and went on to mock Prime Minister Narendra Modi for building a “library” there. That’s like five hours of what we spend

I see it permeate every sphere of life and living

These artistes not only define Indian culture but are repositories of culture who have kept it safe for the future generations.I think the word Ehsaas defies translation or even transliteration. In the same way, unlike any other country in the world, in India every lowly souvenir can actually be hand created. Eventually, it came to become one of the biggest, first-ever multi-discipline presentation where nine forms of rasas converge. Ehsaas takes this philosophy many steps further by its saris, stoles, ties, jewellery, bags and of course art on the walls.In most museums and art galleries abroad, scarves and ties are available as replicas from the art works on display. That the works are contemporary is a given and I feel all of the five painters who I choose – including myself, are artists whose work is reflective of the times we live in.Re-focusing on beauty and aesthetics of clothes too is on my wish list. His colour palette is vibrant, Indian in metaphor and beautiful. And while I got artists, dancers and musicians on board, there were no designers to manipulate silhouette as I am completely besotted by the romance of the unstitched garment be it the sari, stole, dupatta, dhoti or Sanjay Bhattacharya too has a masterly stroke as his leit motif. Yet it can’t be wished away. He is the veritable master of the realistic genre. Style is what defines a person. Why should Indian art not enjoy the same cult status? In India we have the option of harnessing both technology and hand work or both to create works of wearable art. But I find that in the work of Prof Niren Sengupta, there is a lot of movement and he constantly aspires to make his art grow.

For me Ehsaas is a dream that refused to die.For me Rajesh was always my dear friend Sudhir Tailang’s very gentle and affectionate kid brother.My own sensibilities too have an Indian rootedness with minimalistic flavour and colours but there is a celebration of design too. I felt that it should reflect the shared heritage of Indian culture. So many of our tribal and folk designs are chic and minimalistic and extremely contemporary but we don’t value or appreciate their design value or perfection of minimalism.That is why when I dreamt of Ehsaas, I wanted its wing span to be huge. And the seamless way Rajesh has become such an inseparable part of Ehsaas can only be a blessing from Sudhir.It has been a long journey to get to this point for obvious reasons: Funding for arts projects has always been a problem and but for the support of the artists and art community it would have remained at the level of a dream.

Why shouldn’t we use that advantage? I feel that fashion is seasonal. A lot of fashion in India in any case has not been seen in the historical context and connect and this unique marriage of the arts with design andfashion certainly deserves to be viewed and experienced in that backdrop.I felt that the way the entire project was conceived and grew, it too defied a definition – it could only be experienced from the core of one’s soul. While Shridhar’s idiom is very contemporary and is compatible with both yin and yang energies, it allows freedom to create from it. Despite his seniority, he is young at heart and in his art too. And so I feel fashion and art both must contribute in creating that indescribable factor called style. I am a regular sari wearer for the last 40 years and till date I have worn nothing that is not hand woven or hand crafted. I have been asked many times as to what does Ehsaas mean.It started out as a serious experiment to transpose paintings on to fabric to take art from the walls and create works of wearable art.

The only thing that kept me going was the creative need to share it more people and the greed of being able to see it again and yet again…Dr Alka Raghuvanshi is an art writer, curator and artist and can be contacted on alkaraghuvanshi@yahoo.I feel very humbled and super excited as my dream project on wearable art, Ehsaas, is being screened at the National Gallery of Modern Art on November 17 this week as part of the Delhi International Arts Festival. Art, design, music, dance, theatre, handlooms, literature and poetry, photography, and now film have all contributed to the creation of Ehsaas. For the film to be screened in the museum is a matter of both prestige and pride for I feel that the project deserves to be viewed in the context of a museum situation. This time one more dimension has got added to Ehsaas by way of a very lyrical film on the project by theatre and film personality Rajesh Tailang that will be screened followed by a panel discussion.I have nurtured this dream for five years, with deep conviction and love.The legendary performing artistes who walked the ramp wearing them including Birju Maharaj, Sonal Mansingh, Shovana Narayan, Madhup Mudgal, Bhajan Sopori, Uma Sharma, Sharon Lowen, among others with their very distinct personalities gave the Blue Panax Denax Beach Wool faux fur fabric figurative component to“static contemporary art” and made it a mobile installation. As for figurative art, I find it regional and often static. It is the gossamer delicate feeling or emotion that is gentle as a silent whisper and yet inspires you to take the dream from the realm of the idea to actualising it.A lot of the wearable art in West have very avant garde designs, often merging technology with it but in many ways Ehsaas goes back to the roots. Sudhir was there when the first Ehsaas was staged.

I see it permeate every sphere of life and living. I hope that Ehsaas will go a long way in changing attitudes about art being unapproachable. Our idiom is contemporary so is our artistic expression. The collective qualities of these senior artists made the design sensibilities of Ehsaas special. This respect for India’s heritage let me to think only of the unstitched cloth as my canvas in Ehsaas.All these allow for great freedom of movement and styles of drape and are able to keep within their ambit the personality, body shape, weather conditions, material, occasion and profession of the wearer. I am a painter who likes the abstract idiom. Why should art only be on the wall? It should be all around you! As walls of homes shrink, our wardrobes burst! Hence Ehsaas, to have art in every breath! I am a great believer in the genius of our craftspersons, weavers and artisans and hold them in high esteem for it is they who have given cult status to our crafts and handlooms. So it was only natural that I chose three abstract painters – Manisha Gawade, Shridhar Iyer and myself.For me wearable art was a natural progression. Art is more permanent of all.For such an unabashed handloom supporter and painter, it was a natural that I would want to be swathed in art.Our crafts persons have imbued things of everyday use with great beauty and I believe that art is inseparable from an aesthetic life.It is my conviction that if a dream is only about you, then it is too small. Manisha’s painting is elegant, the colours she uses are internationally preferred, the complexity of thought in her work is interesting. I am deeply influenced by the weavers of India and Ehsaas saris and stoles are my humble tribute to their mastery and genius

Other professions are also involved in sponsorship

There were local politicians who also took an interest in her work. Another regular tutor might have dismissed the child claiming that they are unreachable. It is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure that they can keep up with the times and make the lives of those children better through those devices. There were plenty of community service agents who kept attending her sessions. It was almost impossible to control him. Teachers in the field of special education need to incorporate certain unique elements when teaching their students. So the teacher decided to work on one small step at a time. This child had difficulties in understanding basic instructions.

There are numerous learning aids that are getting dispensed day by day. . She also taught him how to respond in the affirmative by raising his hands. Sometimes, a child may be suffering from emotional disturbances and lacks the ability to concentrate. This took her a period of four months but she was able to reinforce those ideas. For example, a teacher dealing with children with mental disabilities must understand that all the children in the classroom differ in their learning capabilities. This teacher realized that those parties were the ones responsible for ensuring that materials and resources to adapt to the diversity in her classroom were provided, they were invaluable partners. It is therefore necessary for such teachers to equip themselves with skills and qualities necessary in educating such children. She first taught the child how to respond. She would have to make tangible objects to represent those words and then she would make the child feel the texture and shape of the object. Although other children in her class were able to understand those simple instructions, this child could not. (Daniels, 2000) Teachers need to have a high degree of patience when presented with a diverse class. One of the teachers admitted that the first time she dealt with a child having this problem, she felt like simply walking out of class. This teacher had to be very practical in class. Others can help students perform tasks, for example amputated children can acquire artificial hands that will help them in the writing process.

This teacher also admitted that she had to develop a relationship with the rest of the community. Afterwards, this teacher would repeat the name of the object over and over until the child was able to relate to it. Those teachers must also have the ability to tackle paperwork work and incorporate other members of the community. These were all ways of including members of the community and ways of assessing children’s progress. One teacher said that she had a student who was dumb and blind. (Daniels, 2000) How instructions are differentiated to adapt to the diverse needs of all the students in the class In order to conform to the needs of special children in the classroom, teachers should have specific goals at a time. That teacher found that she constantly had to make room for writing community liaison notes, committee notes, progress reports and modifications in the curriculum. When teaching the class about simple words. On top of that, teachers must also enjoy teaching children with special needs. In one of the interviews, a teacher admitted that were it not for her attendance of workshops on special education needs she would not have been able to help a child with a hearing disorder through the technology that she acquired from that workshop. She congratulated the child for making that milestone and continuously reminded the child of what great progress she had made. This child kept shouting other students’ names and running from one corner of the classroom to the other. (Reynolds and Fletcher-Jansen, 2007) In case teachers are dealing with a diverse pool of disabilities, they should learn ways in which to communicate with their students.

There are also computer packages in Braille to enable children with visual impairments to access this useful learning tool. How teachers are serving the best interests of all students in the class Teachers in the interviews admitted that it is crucial to make the learning environment as open as possible. They must work out a teaching procedure that will suit their students and go out of their way to reinforce those ides. Special education also encompasses children with mental disorders or disabilities. But this teacher realized the child could concentrate only for an hour, afterwards he wanted to do something else. It was the duty of the teacher to identify certain learning techniques that were suitable for the child. In a scenario where a teacher has to deal with children with multiple disabilities, it is their duty to get creative. It took the teacher a high level of patience and tolerance before she could identify learning patterns of the child. They need to be able to appreciate the small steps they make every day; for example when they can teach a disabled child something that they could not do before. They need to encourage those children to pursue more skills after they have learnt a simpler skill. One of them was through touching and speaking.

For example, one teacher was dealing with a child who happened to have cerebral palsy. Sometimes trying to achieve too much all at the same time can deter the learning process of recycled faux fur fabric the child with special needs because they may assume that things are too hard for them to comprehend. She trained this child how to gesture when they mean no or yes. Another way in which teachers can adapt to the diverse needs of their classroom is through technology. More often than not, these children will have serious difficulties in reception and subsequent comprehension of information. For example, during one of the interviews, a teacher was able to train a child with speech impairments how to pronounce the word ‘boy’ because previously it would come out as ‘thoy’. One of the teachers in the interview admitted that in the field of special education, there are many more stakeholders than in the normal teaching environment. Some help students in mobility, for example, automated wheel chairs. The teacher continuously reminded the child that when he needs to say no, then he should nod his head laterally. Other professions are also involved in sponsorship and provision assistance. Some children may have physical disabilities like hearing disorders, lack of sight and movement disabilities. It is therefore the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that they identify the needs of each child and change instructions to suit them. But this was not the case with this particular teacher because she practiced patience. Teachers need to make sure that they do not overlook certain aids that can help those students in the learning process. These may impair them in one way or another when trying to absorb what their teachers are saying. It took extra effort and attention to achieve that goal

The walk at Sanjay Van is led by Kush Sethi

In its first edition, the festival will bring together over 30 different walk specialists like Sadia Dehlvi, Sohail Hashmi, Manoj Misra, INTACH, Swechha and Salaam Balak Trust to conduct tours through different city neighbourhoods. Delhi, I Love You and Delhi Dallying brings to you a week-long festival called “Delhi Walk Festival” that celebrates Delhi through 80 walking tours offering experiences like paranormal activity, street life exploration, performative walks, food and much more.”With an aim to bring about a cultural and social movement that promotes and connects people and their city better, the festival tries to present the capital in a new light for the participants.

Organised by Delhi, I Love You and curated by Delhi Dallying, the participants can choose walks from categories like nature, heritage, food, alternative and experimental, art and photography, and architecture and design. The bookings for some of the walks are already full. There hasn’t been a more exciting time in the city — for disruption, for rethinking, for conversation.

Another interesting walk, ‘Saari, Kinaari, Bazaari: Festive saris and kinaris of Chandni Chowk’ will feature the shimmering spectacle of Chandni Chowk, a popular destination for bridal shopping in the city. The idea is to also bring people together and make room for conversation about improving the culture of walking and its larger implications on pollution and mobility.” The walk titled ‘Mehrauli And You’, co-hosted by Reclaim the Night, will make you explore Delhi at night. We have handpicked guided walking tours that reveal the incredible layers that our city has to offer. With this edition, we explore old Delhi, New Delhi and neighbourhoods around Qutub Minar, but we know that there is still more ground to cover.”From secrets of old Delhi to visiting zoos and exploring the monuments around Lodhi Colony, the festival promises to show you a little more than you already know of the city along with some hidden treasures like a night walk at Sanjay Van and paranormal activity in Mehrauli. The event, supported by Delhi government, has already received tremendous response, shares Astha. Astha shares, “We began conceiving this edition with three magnet points but the walks turned out to be over 80.

With more and more people opting for air-conditioned living, family outings have become synonymous with mall-hopping, junk eating and travelling in luxurious cars. Going forward, we aim to make this a yearly festival,” she concludes. On this trail, one can wander into Kinari bazaar, the wholesale market for fabric trimmings where any sari can be accessorised with the relevant trim. “The idea is to push people to explore the city on foot,” states Aastha Chauhan, director, Delhi, I Love You. The festival also includes some offbeat areas — the ‘Salaam City Walk’ offers a guided tour around New Delhi Railway Station and Paharganj areas during which former street children will share their personal stories of survival with the participants. The walk begins at Qutub Institutional Area, snaking through one corner of the forest as the trail takes you to the bird-watching tower close to the JNU exit. The Delhi Walk Festival is an opportunity imitation animal fur to acknowledge all the exciting work that has been happening in the realm of urban exploration. Basking in the sun, walking, breathing fresh air in the lap of nature seems like a distant dream for today’s urban dwellers. There is something of interest for everyone.

It is a silent walk wherein we have asked the participants not to carry torches, cameras and mobiles so that we do not disrupt the natural habitat of the birds and animals there. Aastha says, “The walk at Sanjay Van is led by Kush Sethi who initiated ‘What’s happening in Sanjay Van ’ together with me.. “We are thrilled by the response we have got so far. The aim is to make the participants experience Sanjay Van through sound, smell and sight in the light of a full moon. But that does not mean that the city is just made of concrete spaces.She adds, “We also intend to introduce the idea of walking and thus bringing awareness about pollution. The walk will begin from Ojas Art Gallery and go to the magnificent Qutub Minar, slowly following the walls surrounding it for an atmospheric walking trail

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